‘Morbius’ Looks Like ‘Venom’ With a Vampire

It might have a more serious tone, but it really looks like the same movie.

When Venom was released a little over a year ago, it broke the box office and was massively successful. Critically, it didn’t fare well, but it was a sure hit with audiences. Objectively, it was a sloppy movie, feeling more akin to the goofy superhero movies of the early ’00s than the current films of the genre. But, if you’re like me, you didn’t mind it much. In fact, you may have loved Venom for what it was. If that’s the case, I’ve got good news for you. Morbius is coming. Check out the trailer below:

Much like the Marvel Studios’ “house style” filmmaking, it appears that Sony is attempting the same thing with their Spider-Man spin-offs. This looks very similar to Venom, from the lighting, set design, and cheesy, on-the-nose dialogue. There’s lots of time spent in science labs like Venom; there’s a transformation from unassuming man to horrific monster like Venom; there’s even a prestigous actor spouting silly nonsense about their newfound abilities like — well, you get the point.

The one thing about this trailer that doesn’t scream Venom is its dark, serious tone. Jared Leto is playing everything totally straight, with none of the goofiness that Tom Hardy brought to the role of Eddie Brock. I’m just thankful that he’s speaking like a normal human instead of gargling marbles like he did in Suicide Squad. *shudders*

There’s also a Batman Begins-esque shot with a bunch of bats flying out of a cave and surrounding Leto after he cuts himself for some unknown reason. I mean, it’s a Jared Leto movie, so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that Morbius does weird shit like that. I’m just waiting for all the stories about the method actor getting fang implants to fully immerse himself in the role.

Like Eddie Brock, I’m eating this shit up — Gif via Giphy

All sarcasm aside, this trailer actually looks pretty damn cool. Beyond the generic score, the hamfisted voiceover, and the hot manbun-sporting vampire, this actually looks like a solid horror film. After Scott Derrickson left the Doctor Strange sequel and the New Mutants trailer was…disappointing, it seems Morbius has come to give genre fans what they want: a horror/comic book film.

We only get a small glimpse of Leto’s Morbius in full on vampire mode, but what a glimpse it is! The makeup work is not only comic-book accurate, but also scary as hell. I’ve heard the filmmakers are aiming for a PG-13 rating, and I hope that doesn’t hinder the content. From what I see here, it won’t. This looks like a dark, gruesome affair with plenty of creepy atmosphere.

The stinger at the end of the trailer is a pretty big surprise, tangentially connecting Morbius to the Marvel Cinematic Universe through a welcome cameo: Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes, aka The Vulture. If you haven’t seen Spider-Man: Homecoming, Keaton’s villain was a scene-stealing highlight. It’s a pretty cool reveal, one that has big ramifications for the future of this universe. Could Tom Holland’s Peter Parker/Spider-Man be facing off against these Sony spin-off villains soon? Let’s hope.

So yeah, Morbius doesn’t look like it’s going to break the mold, but rather use the same old dusty one that Venom did. It’s probably not going to be a great movie, but it looks like a lot of fun for superhero and horror fans alike. The movie isn’t even out yet, and I’m already crossing my fingers for a Venom vs. Morbius movie. Keep ’em coming, Sony.

A film critic with a taste for genre fare, living in Sioux Falls, SD. If you love movies, we’ll get along just fine.

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