No, My Food is not ‘Weird’

And I don’t care for your unsolicited opinions on my eating habits.

Courtesy Unsplash via Anna Pelzer

My food is none of your business.

How do you know if someone’s a vegan?

Don’t worry. They’ll tell you.

I enjoy discussing veganism…when I’m not on trial.

Wow, you’re missing out on [insert food item here].

He always has something ‘interesting’ for lunch.

God put animals on this earth for us to eat. Don’t you know that?

You’re not going to bring ‘weird’ chips, are you?

Be a man. Eat some meat.

That’s gross.

Courtesy Unsplash via Ella Olsson

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A film critic with a taste for genre fare, living in Sioux Falls, SD. If you love movies, we’ll get along just fine.

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